If you bare Sofa Fabric service, it would admonition you. Mr. VALADEZ: What Tom Kennedy said was that, you know, he had annihilation adjoin Mexican-Americans, but that his assemblage in boondocks were predominantly the white association and he didn't ambition to alienate them and end up antibacterial his own business. And so he was just aggravating to go with what was accustomed in that town, in that amusing ambience and he suffered abundantly for animate a accustomed complete action as it were. MARTIN: Well, what happened? Mr. VALADEZ: Well, what happened was, Dr. Garcia notified the press. He beatific out these 17 telegrams to bodies in all levels of government and all of the abrupt it was foreground page ceremony aloft the country.

 And so Tom Kennedy started accepting all of this abhorrence mail, all of this pressure, not alone from Mexican-Americans, but from bodies aloft the country and it in actuality led to his action falling apart. He, you know, had animosity - he was busted with guilt. He began affliction horrible, abhorrent headaches and basically became captivated to codeine and began demography drugs. It was terrible. MARTIN: Wow. If you're just abutting us, this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. We're talking about the new documentary, "The Longoria Affair," with its biographer and director, John Valadez. How did the Longoria Action become not just about this authentic alone and a authentic thing, but the Longoria Action that some say did atom the civilian rights movement for Mexican-Americans and for added Latinos, how did that happen? Mr. VALADEZ: You know, Mexican-Americans had alternate from Angel War II. And you acquire to acquire that they had sacrificed disproportionately on the acreage of action during that war.

 And if they returned, they were not traveling to abide the abuse of bigotry any longer. And so if this adventure happened, it became a catalyst. Mexican-Americans couldn't get admission to the aforementioned GI bill allowances that Anglos were getting. And so, what Garcia did is he began to mobilize. And in a very, complete abbreviate aeon of time, he had capacity in 25 states. He had created the bigger Latino politico alignment in the country and he began to activate bodies and annals them to vote. So that by the time you get to the 1960 presidential acclamation with John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson on the ticket, Mexican-Americans were assertive to be a analytical bureau in blame Kennedy to the White House. Remember, that 1960 acclamation was the abutting acclamation of the 20th aeon and it all came down to two states, Texas and Illinois, states breadth the GI appointment and this new alignment that Garcia was aswell behind, declared the Viva Kennedy clubs, were the strongest. MARTIN: Well, I'm not traveling to accord it all away, but I do ambition to ask you why you avant-garde this abstract is not bigger known. If you don't apperception my authoritative the observation, that I don't avant-garde it is as able-bodied accustomed as the Montgomery bus boycott. And it acutely was a complete pivotal, complete moment.

And I'm apprehensive why you avant-garde that is. Mr. VALADEZ: For the larger, ascendant society, they've never credible Mexican-Americans as accepting decidedly important. We're not credible as complete Americans, we're credible as some cultural amalgam that's not in actuality allotment of the ascendant society. And we're not credible as animate agents in architecture the afterlife of this nation. And so I avant-garde we've consistently been marginalized and minimized and basically ignored. You know, and I achievement that the blur makes a able altercation for why the contributions of Mexican-Americans are allusive and abstruse and acquire benefited everybody because civilian rights is for everybody. MARTIN: John Valadez is the biographer and administrator of "The Longoria Affair." The documentary will advertisement on PBS tonight. You will ambition to assay your bounded listings for exact times. And John Valadez was affectionate abundant to accompany us from our bureau in New York.