So no agnosticism that Diamond Velvet had added than just a brief accord with actual able humans at Miami. CONAN: And these endure 18 months, these - none of these cases is in actuality unique. None is - the old case in Texas at Dallas, well, that case, the old Pony Express case at SMU, that makes Miami - it adeptness be comparable. But all of these advancing out in the endure 18 months, what's traveling on here? ROBINSON: Well, I anticipate if you in actuality footfall aback and accessory at it - you go aback to the summer of 2010, and that is if afterwards what was about a four-year assay by the NCAA into the University of Southern California, Reggie Bush, aloft Heisman Bays champ for USC, and afresh aswell O.J. Mayo, who had been, for one year, the top abecedarian in their basketball program, four years of an assay by the NCAA culminated in what in actuality were the a lot of acrid sanctions we had credible for, decidedly a academy football program, traveling aback to - as you said - SMU's Pony Express in 1987, if SMU accustomed that afterlife penalty.

 If you put that in the ambience of the NCAA the endure few decades, it acquainted like a axis point abandoned because it was such an advancing bandage of sanctioning. And afresh afterward that, the lath - really, the analytic arm of the NCAA seemed to yield a far added advancing posture. All of a sudden, you were audition - admitting ceremony channels, through sources - that NCAA lath were fanning out to assorted universities aloft the country, searching into a avant-garde arrangement of abeyant scandal. And as you said, aback that has taken place, you've had Arctic Carolina; you've had Ohio State, Auburn, Oregon - all of these aloft football programs that in some way, actualization or anatomy access been allotment of an investigation. And I anticipate it's maybe a little bit of a adeptness change aural the NCAA - that hey, they are traveling to become added aggressive. And the old, archetypal banal arrangement of aesthetics of not affecting the aloft programs in actuality isn't - it doesn't ring accurate so abundant anymore. CONAN: Yet these - this is, essentially, humans investigating themselves. The NCAA is all of these universities and colleges together, and they all access a aggregate absorption in authoritative abiding the multibillion-dollar business goes on. ROBINSON: Absolutely. I mean, the NCAA, I apperceive it's framed, typically, in the media as arrangement of - if humans allocution about the NCAA, they anticipate it's this arrangement of, you know, bogeyman in Indianapolis, and that's arrangement of what humans apply on. But the absoluteness is, the NCAA is comprised of - it's the universities; it's the institution; it's the presidents; it's the adeptness conferences and the appointment commissioners.

 And in some way, actualization or form, it's - there's no accepting about the actuality that they are all in bed together. You're allurement a administering physique to accessory over universities that essentially, advice to authorize that administering body's adeptness in the aboriginal place. So it's a little bit of an awkward alliance amid - the humans who are accepted to accomplish are aswell fabricated up by individuals who at - you know, at some point in their lives about had formed aural university structures. And I anticipate that's arrangement of what creates a lot of the gray breadth that humans tend to beforehand if they go afterwards the NCAA. CONAN: We appetite to apprehend from those of you who access been circuitous in academy football. What needs to be afflicted -800-989-8255; email us, And Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, it's fair to say a lot of ceremony are accepting considered, but it doesn't access that an abominable lot changes. ROBINSON: Absolutely. I anticipate over the years, there access been a lot of ceremony befuddled out there. But I think, you know, there's a avant-garde ambit of opinions why the change doesn't occur.

 And a lot of of it tends to focus on money - as it should, because academy sports at this date has become a - it's a billion-dollar industry. It is a able - it is, essentially, a able action that is awash as abecedarian sport. And that's the marriage, the arresting alliance that becomes the botheration - that this is awash as amateurism. It's awash as abecedarian athletes, apprentice athletes, and yet it's packaged professionally. It's awash for billions of dollars to networks and endorsements, and it is about - decidedly academy football - it is the NFL but packaged, repackaged, as abecedarian football. CONAN: And is it because these athletes aren't paid that leads to allurement to pay humans beneath the table or battery them with adeptness if they appear a assertive university or not? Is it inherently corrupt? ROBINSON: Absolutely. I anticipate - I've told humans this before. I access that academy sports - decidedly academy football, the bolt of academy football, because of academy football's actuality as a commodity, because of atypical athletes, their actuality as a commodity, because of coaches accepting a article that is bankable - there will consistently be an inherent accident of impropriety. And you - I apperceive there's a lot of allocution about paying academy athletes. There's a lot of allocution about, you know, in a way, arrangement of professionalizing the action in academy sports. But it's aswell complicated because you activate to cantankerous so abounding curve that so far access kept, as I said, the NFL and academy football separate. But it is inherent to the action itself. As affiliated as it is packaged professionally, and it is awash professionally, there will consistently be individuals - whether it's agents, whether it's institutions, whether it's boosters - who will amusement players as bolt and thusly appetite to lath for them as commodities. CONAN: We appetite to apprehend from those of you who access been circuitous in academy football. What needs to be changed? Is it inherently corrupt?