Have your telephone number in the business telephone directory YOUR LOCAL SHOP Shop card Poster Business cards Demo of product Supply plastic carrier bags Ask friends to put ads in local shops Supply shops with pens Leave a card at the check out Leave a card in the shopping trolley Give a card to the cashier LOCAL PAPERS Own ads for new distributor Job wanted ads Advertise in personal columns Adpool NATIONAL PUBLICATIONS Own ad in Friday-ad, national tabloids or local paper Join Adpool POST YOU RECEIVE Reply to everything.

This is Trolley Cart generally known as fishpond activity ie the more rods you have in the pond, the more fish you will catch." Put a flyer inside POST YOU CREATE Use all those junk mail envelopes with free postage on for flyers and cards Send Link Box Cards to Mailing list Contact tradesmen in Yellow Pages Old Leads Old Friends / Colleagues COMPUTER PS onto emails Join internet adpools Reply to every email even junk ones Have a website Ads on the internet LAMP POST / BUS STOPS Cards into time tables Put up "hot pockets" Copyright (c) 2009 Michael Ogden.. YOUR HOUSE Poster at front door Cards/Pens by front door Info Packs DVD's Cards in a cassette Suitcase Wheels case - have 10 in it Decorate with products Poster on your wheelie bin ANYONE'S HOUSE Catalogue Flyer Car DVD drop Cold Calling Poster Your stationery YOU Wear a Badge Wear a T-Shirt or sweatshirt with advertising on it SOMEONE YOU MEET 3 foot rule - give them a card or flyer Referrals What do you do for a living? ie I help other people give up their day job TELEPHONE Message on your answer machine Reverse Pitch on people trying to sell you things or on wrong numbers Speak to family and friends Cards in Phone boxes.

YOUR CAR Use a magnetic sign Have your window or bodywork sign written Stick a shop ad, poster or flyer in the window Use a sunshade with an ad or poster stuck to it A Cassette box with cards held on by magnet or blu-tack. If you laeve more it will seem to be be flyposting... Or an envelope cut in half, with flyers inside and words TAKE ONE on the envelope 2. Just leave one. SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR Flyer Excuse me card HOUSE 1. Surveys Make up a mailing list for the future Talk to the postman POST YOU SEND Put a Sticker on the envelope "Earn.