They may want a relationship but they don't have one for several reasons:They don't have enough space in their lives to look for oneThey don't create enough space in their lives to actually have oneTheir wives went off with the social 'rolodex' therefore they only know other men, in similar situations to themselvesThey don't want to admit their vulnerability including the fact that they are scared that life might be passing them byMeeting unattached women in not as easy as it was when they were in their twenties.

They are not attracted to the women in Cooler Handle the golf clubIt's not okay to date someone at work, particularly when you are the boss and everyone is looking to you for leadershipInternet dating and dating agencies have no appeal. Something which most men, in my experience as a coach and matchmaker, are not very good at.The adage of having a life in balance is something many divorced professionals struggle to maintain. It comes down to work, golf (which is great, but you still come home alone) and the extra bottle or three in the Waitrose trolley.Whether you are a high flying executive or an office junior, it is hard for relationship breakdown at home not to affect performance at work. And the professionals whose help they might seek come in the guise of executive coaches whose skills often extend to dealing with the personal relationships of their clients. However, there are also matchmaking services available. Preferring to spend as little time at home as possible, some seek solace by working long hours and avoiding the pain of coming back to an empty flat or house