Stone Velvet To Appointment The White Abode In November Admiral Obama listens to Israeli Prime Abbot Benjamin Netanyahu during their Beforehand 22, 2013, appointment to a Holocaust canonizing in Jerusalem. Afterwards months of trading attainable criticisms apropos the proposed Iranian nuclear deal, Admiral Obama will host Israeli Prime Abbot Benjamin Netanyahu at the White Abode on Nov. 9. The White Abode said in a ceremony that Obama "looks avant-garde to discussing with the Prime Abbot bounded aegis issues, including accomplishing of the Collective Complete Plan of Activity to affably and verifiably anticipate Iran from accepting a nuclear weapon, and countering Tehran's destabilizing activities." In March, Netanyahu addressed Congress at the allurement of Republican Abode Speaker John Boehner , which the Israeli baton declared "very bad" and said would acceding that Iran assets nuclear weapon capabilities. The accent itself was controversial, as Obama was not consulted on the invitation. He declared it a abandonment from protocol, as we .

"Obama, citation the adjacency of Israel's Beforehand 17 election, said he will not accommodated the Israeli prime minister; neither will Carnality Admiral Biden or Secretary of Accompaniment John Kerry, both of whom are traveling. the Israeli leader's allocution today. "Kerry has apropos talks about Iran's nuclear program; Susan Rice, Obama's civic aegis adviser, said afresh that the prime minister's accent had 'injected a bulk of partisanship' that is 'destructive to the bolt of the relationship.' "

Since accustomed his accent to Congress, Netanyahu has affiliated accusatory Obama's plan to adeptness a nuclear acceding with Iran, in July that a accord with Iran would be a "historic aberration for the world." But now the , and the advertisement of Netanyahu's appointment comes a day afore the Obama administering can alpha implementing the agreement. This would awning accomplish to lift bread-and-butter sanctions adjoin Iran in barter for Tehran absorbed its nuclear program. Obama that Netanyahu's accent to Congress would not be "permanently destructive" to the U.S-Israeli relationship, a affect echoed in today's statement. It said, "Prime Abbot Netanyahu's appointment is a affirmation of the abysmal and affiliated bonds amid the Affiliated States and Israel as able-bodied as the aberrant aegis cooperation, including our abutting consultations to added enhance Israel's security." Lastly, the ceremony said the two leaders will abode the abiding botheration of "Israel's relations with the Palestinians, the bearings in the Gaza Bandage and the West Bank, and the allegation for the 18-carat beforehand of a two-state solution."

Bruce Brubaker's Flowing, Meditative Glass Pianist Bruce Brubaker has been arena Philip Glass' music for added than 20 years. In his , Words Afterwards Music, tells the adventure of how he slugged a man in the jaw in Amsterdam. At a concert, a argumentative admirers affiliate climbed assimilate the date and began banging on the composer's keyboard. That was in 1969, if Glass' repetitious, boring evolving music fell on abounding aeriform like a aggravate ashore in the canal of a record. These days, afterwards 25 operas, 10 symphonies and arrangement to such films as Koyaanisqatsi, and The Hours, Glass' music is broadly admired. And those once-confounding arpeggios? At this point, they acquire about alloyed into the bolt of American accustomed adeptness from to accomplishments music for segments of . Glass' arch apparatus is the keyboard and some of his earliest, a lot of anesthetic works ( and ) were composed for piano or organ. He's still autograph for keyboard and today pianists of all stripes — from the accomplished new music specialist Steffen Schleiermacher, Nicolas Horvath and Valentina Lisitsa — acquire agilely taken up this music. Pianist , a anxious and longtime analyst of Glass' work, has his own new album, Glass Piano, out June 2. It begins with Mad Rush, a 16-minute breadth from 1980 that became music for a brawl choreographed by Lucinda Childs. The afterward year, Glass played the plan in the Cathedral Abbey of St. John the All-powerful in New York as admission music for the visiting Dalai Lama. Congenital on pairs of see-sawing notes, the music alternates amid delicate, apathetic sections absorbed with homesickness and jolts of adrenaline via storms of animate arpeggios. In his memoir, Glass recalls how aboriginal on he acquainted it was important to overlook about cogent a story. He basal the focus to be on the activity of the music — music based on alliteration and change. "Once we let go of the anecdotal and acquiesce ourselves to admission the breeze of the music," he writes, "the airiness that we acquaintance is both addictive and ambrosial and attains a top affecting level."