It might have been the long hours that broke up the marriage; but there was choice then. Now there is very little.Other times, many a divorced executive can be found at Thorpe Park, dressed in jeans and bomber jacket, with their young children in tow, fulfilling their part of the alternate weekends agreement. So who do successful professionals Cooler Handle turn to when they are seeking help with their personal lives? They don't usually ask; proactively that is, there being little room for emotional vulnerability in the corporate environment. Discord at home, or abject loneliness, can get in the way of productivity at work and, like it or not, that's when coaching can often come into its own..There is no getting away from it. After all, what senior executive in search of love, would want his photograph picked out by the office junior? Unfortunately, most online and offline dating, by virtue of its mass market appeal, exposes people to this riskThey don't trust themselves not to make the same relationship mistakes againMany executives find coaching to be one option in such situations. Finding a discreet, personalised and targeted service, can be the ideal solution for the high-flying male executive. Indeed many career-minded people find themselves in the sudden and unenviable position of being home alone.